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It was important for me to create this page to offer hope and
encouragement to anyone seeking a miracle or spiritual help in a
time of urgent need.
There are so many times in our personal lives when a crisis
suddenly strikes -- a problem at work or school maybe, or illness,
family discord or money troubles -- and we feel so powerless and
helpless, that it is easy to despair. In those times of desperation, I
have found amazing, incredible, and (dare I say) miraculous help
when I have asked Saint Jude.
Now, I am just about as skeptical as the next guy, so
admitting my belief in the power of the Saint Jude Novena does
not come easy. I first discovered the novena when some
unknown person left an index card in a church pew. It contained a
handwritten copy of the novena. That was many years ago, I have
said the novena during trying times on several occasions, and
every time, things worked out. Now, I promised to "publish" this
testimony, but I had never really done a good job of it, instead
promising to spread the word in a bigger way. Until a big threat of
illness struck a family member last year. Amazingly, before I
could complete the novena, the doctors told us it was nothing
serious! I knew then I had to build this web site. That was just
about one year ago. . .

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