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While exploring the Internet from time to time, I come across other inspiring, educational, entertaining and useful web sites. I
thought you might enjoy them, too. The most recent additions are identified by yellow "new" tags below.
I am also very excited to be joining the Saint Jude Web Ring, which links together several Jude devotional sites around the
country and the world. You can check the web ring out below.
Please remember, I have no control over the content at these other sites and so can accept no responsibility for any errors or
omissions. If you have a suggestion for any sites I should add or if you discover any nonworking link or other problem, please e-mail
me. I am always looking for ways to improve the Saint Jude Page. Happy surfing!
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Last Supper Fresco
About the Saint
Another image of St. Jude
St. Jude, Patron Saint of Desperate Causes. This
site offers yet another 9-day Novena to Saint Jude
with separate prayers for each day. This page is part
of a larger religious site that you might enjoy
exploring, mostly devoted to Mary,
the "Immaculate
Heart," and contains extensive virtual galleries of
pictures and paintings (pick one and make your own
electronic prayer card!).

Saint Jude Novena. This U.K. site offers another
place to obtain the text for a nine day Novena to Saint
Jude that contains a different prayer for each day.
Profile of St. Jude Thaddeus. A brief profile of
Saint Jude, who some call the "Forgotten"
saint. This web page is just one entry in a
larger work, known as Saints On-Line. Do
you have another favorite saint? If so, he or
she is probably listed in here.

Patron Saint Profile. From this index of all
patron saints, here's the entry for the "Saint of
Desperate Cases."

Biography of St. Jude. A short biography of
the saint, maintained by a Catholic parish in
Blackwood, New Jersey. Can you guess the
name of the pari
His Written Work
Epistle of Saint Jude. Thanks to the electronic text
project at the University of Virginia, you can read on-
line the epistle credited to St. Jude. What's your
pleasure? You have a choice, though -- read the
or Revised Standard version? You can read
either one, or both
side-by-side and compare the text.
Still More St. Jude
The Power of Jude. This site is a bit unusual.
It offers a book on-line that sermonizes about
devotion to St. Jude and that allegedly contains
revelations about Saint Jude's life as written
by an Italian "visionary," Maria Valtorta (1897-
1961). Go judge for yourself. (Be advised,
though, the type is huge!)
Prayer to Saint Jude. A personal web page site
with a prayer to St. Jude and a page with many
testimonials to the Divine intervention and
blessings bestowed by God.

St. Jude Devotion. Another personal web page
that lists a somewhat different Novena to Saint
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