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While exploring the Internet from time to time, I come across other inspiring, educational, entertaining and useful web sites. I
thought you might enjoy them, too. The most recent additions are identified by yellow "new" tags below.
Please remember, I have no control over the content at these other sites and so can accept no responsibility for any errors or
omissions. If you have a suggestion for any sites I should add or if you discover any nonworking link or other problem, please e-
mail me. I am always looking for ways to improve the Saint Jude Page. Happy surfing!
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Catholic Information & Resources
KCC1Tim's Home Page. Don't let the simple name fool you.
This site is crammed full of Catholic history, doctrine,
resources and info. A virtual cornicopia of Catholicism!

ABC's of Faith. Lots of cool Catholic content here, including
tons of files of hymns! Not lyrics, but music, in 'midi' files!
Devotions to Mary
How to Pray the Rosary. A site maintained by a group
a Catholic parishioners in Wyoming, has every thing
you need to learn this devotion to Mary, which some
call the second "greatest prayer" after the Mass.

How to Pray the Rosary. This site, maintained by the
Dominican Fathers at the Rosary Center, offers
another place to learn to pray the rosary.

Virtual Rosary. Looking for a multimedia way to pray
the rosary? Check out this site, which offers free
software for download. I haven't tried this my- self
(yet), so I can't vouch for it, but the site describes this
Windows-based program "leading you step by step
through every prayer, while displaying illustrations
and Scripture verses corresponding with the current
mystery." It may be worth a look.

Our Lady of Medjugorje. The Vatican is investigating
but has not confirmed these latest
apparitions of Mary to children over several years in
this small town in the former Yugoslavia.
This site provides information about these
Community | Prayer Help | Info & Resources | Mary | More!
Still More Catholic
Tripod's Catholic Pages. The people at
have provided space free of charge for this web
site and others like it. Go to this page for links to
other Catholic-related pages maintained at Tripod.

Catholicity. A "virtual" Catholic community with
personal home pages, shopping and more.

Roman Catholic Network. RCNet's mission is to provide
Catholic dioceses, parishes, schools and institutions an
opportunity to have a home page on the Internet. RCNet
provides this service free-of-charge to qualified Catholic
entities. This site also has some good content on Catholic
liturgy and prayer.

If all these sites aren't enough for you, check out the many
other links listed at The Catholic Files
, Immaculate Heart,
Catholic Goldmine
, or Catholic Links.
This page last modified on Wednesday, October 27, 1999