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This page reflects my attempt to answer the most common questions I've received via e-mail since I
started this site. I am not a member of the clergy, I have not studied in a seminary, nor do I claim to
have any special knowledge. The answers below are based on my own personal experience, my
understanding of Church teachings (as a lay person), and my own readings of the Bible. I am not
trying to be an apologist or an evangelist of a specific point of view, other than to be a witness that
asking Saint Jude for help has brought me blessings at times when I really thought there was no hope.

1.Why pray to a saint? Why not pray to Jesus or God for help?

Of course you can and should pray directly to Jesus and ask God for his grace, assistance and
blessings. And you should pray such prayers. (I found one little conversational prayer with Jesus,
which I have posted and which you may want to check out.) However, it never hurts to have help.
Wouldn't you want your friends to pray for you in a time of need? Then, why not ask for a saint's help?

2.Why pray to Saint Jude? Why pray this novena?

I recommend prayer to Saint Jude because it works. He has always come through for me in times of
crisis. Jude is the saint of hopeless causes, so if you are in desparate straits, then there isn't a better
saint to ask for help. There are some different novenas to St. Jude (and to other saints), but I know
from personal experience that this expression of faith does work. If you are skeptical, I am not
surprised. In this day and age, there is so much to be skeptical about, and so much cynicism around
to reinforce the skepticism, that it is sometimes very hard to accept things on faith. But, I urge you to
visit my Guestbook, and skim through all the testimonials from hundreds of people around the country
who have asked St. Jude for help, and have found that help. Even I've been amazed at how many
people have written. (I hope you'll have something to write about soon, too.)

3.How do I fulfill my "Publication" promise?

Many people have written asking about the publication requirement. There is no hard and fast "rule,"
so my recommendation is, if your prayers have been answered, to do something, anything to publicize
that your request has been granted. It is really up to you, what your means are, and how significant
the 'miracle' is in your life. Different people have done different things. Some place classified ads in
the newspaper -- almost every paper in the country has at least one "thank you" to St. Jude every day.
Danny Thomas, the actor/comedian, went out and founded St. Jude Hosptial for Children, after his
desparate prayers to St. Jude were answered. Here are some ideas for publication: (1) copy the
novena prayer (and instructions) onto paper or index cards and leave them in pews at your church
(maybe one copy for each day of the novena); (2) place a classified ad in a local newspaper thanking
St. Jude for prayers answered; (3) post a testimonial in my Guestbook or at another St. Jude web site;
(4) build you own web site in honor of St. Jude; (4) build a shrine to St. Jude; or (5) undetake any other
means you have for spreading the news that St. Jude does work miracles.

If you make an effort to spread the news, that is what counts, in my view. In fact, I first learned of this
novena when I found an index card in church on which someone had hand written the novena and the
instructions on an index card. I was struck by how someone could be so moved by a prayer that they
took the time to hand write copies of the prayer and leave them in church. So, do what you can and
what you, deepinside, believe is appropriate. For me, it was creating this web site.
4. I am saying the Novena, but my request hasn't been granted. Why?

Don't doubt the power of faith! Exercise your faith -- keep it strong, keep praying, and keep your mind
open to the miracle of God's plan unfolding around you -- your prayers do not go unheard, but they are
some times answered in ways you never even dreamt of!

As just one example, here's a real life story from one visitor to the St. Jude Page:

"About 7 years ago - a very bad time in my career, with a small daughter, I had
been given a leave of absence, due to problems in dealing with pressures of work
and a small baby, I said the novena at my mother's urging, every night for 9
nights, and then reprinted it in the newspaper after. About a month later, I was
let go from my job, forced to figure some way to earn a living, I began to
freelance a couple of days a week. Now, 7 years later I own a small but very
lucrative design company, and make my own hours and have plenty of time for
both of my children. Sometimes things don't work as quickly as you'd like, but
looking back I think things have worked out perfectly. Thank you!"
So, even if you don't notice your honest, humble prayer being answered, do not lose hope. God may be
answering your prayer but perhaps not in a way you had in mind. Have fatih and trust in the Lord.
Please write!