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A New Conversational Prayer -- One of my favorites, a simple
conversation with Christ. Learn a way of prayer that is a friendly
chat with Jesus
Printer Friendly Version -- In response to many requests, I have
added a link to a text only
page that contains the Jude Novena
and related prayers.
Prayer Chat -- Coming soon, a chat room with scheduled get
togethers for prayer. A chance join with others to pray the
Novena, to thank God for our blessings and to ask for continued
Frequently Asked Questions -- My answers to the most
common questions submited via E-mail. If you have questions
about the Novena, about St. Jude, or about publication, check
this new page for help.
Of course, if you've visited the site before, you'll also notice new
graphics, layout and artwork. I hope you'll like these new

All comments by e-mail are welcomed. Although it is not always
possible for me to respond to everyone individually, I will try!

Thank you for visiting. . .
New Links and a St. Jude Web Ring -- More interesting
places to explore on the internet! Did you know there's been a
nominee for "Patron Saint of the Internet"? Go visit my 'Links of
Please write!