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While exploring the Internet, I have discovered these other sites that I thought you might also enjoy.  Please remember,
though, I do not have any say in the content or control of these other sites and cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions these sites might make.  However, I would appreciate receiving comments via e-mail concerning any links that do not work, or if you know of another good site that is not listed here.  Thanks!.
 St. Jude Prayer Book.  A site with a hymn and several different prayers to Saint Jude.  The site lists another 9-day Novena that has a separate meditation on some aspect of St. Jude's life and works for each day.  There is also a prayer for the sick and another for those near death. The site is maintained by the Dominican friars at the Shrine of St. Jude Thaddeus in Chicago, Illinois.  Also check out their interesting page dedicated to St. Dominic's Nine Ways of Prayer, which even offers music for meditation! (a RealAudio plug-in is needed).  

St. Jude, Patron Saint of Desperate Causes.  This site offers yet another 9-day Novena to Saint Jude with separate prayers for each day.  This is a page within a larger religious site that you might enjoy exploring, mostly devoted to Mary, the "Immaculate Heart,"  and contains extensive virtual galleries of pictures and paintings (pick one and make your own electronic prayer card!). 

Saint Jude Novena.  This U.K. site offers another place to obtain the text for a nine day Novena to Saint Jude that contains a different prayer for each day.

Profile of St. Jude Thaddeus.  A brief profile of Saint Jude, who some call the "Forgotten" saint.  Hey, even I didn't know St. Jude's feast day is October 28th!  This web page is just one entry in a larger work, known as Saints On-Line.  Do you have another favorite saint?  If so, he or she is probably listed in here.
Biography of St. Jude.  A short biography of the saint, maintained by a Catholic parish in Blackwood, New Jersey.  Can you guess the name of the parish's church?

Epistle of Saint Jude.  Thanks to the electronic text project at the University of Virginia, you can read on-line the one epistle credited to St. Jude.  What's your pleasure? You have a choice, though -- read the King James  or   Revised Standard  version?  You can read either one, or both  side-by-side and compare the text.

The Power of Jude.  This site is a bit unusual.  It offers a book on-line that sermonizes about devotion to St. Jude and that allegedly contains revelations about Saint Jude's life as written down by an Italian "visionary," Maria Valtorta (1897-1961).  Go judge for yourself.  (The type was so large I got tired of scrolling in order to read it all, but I suppose it's a benefit to those with poor eyesight.)
Dominican Shrine of Saint Jude.  This site, also from the Dominican friars, is connected with a shrine in New York City.  The site boasts an archive of audio recordings of sermons given by the friars that you can download or playback.  The site also has a place to send in prayer requests.
Prayer to Saint Jude.  A simple one page site with a prayer.
St. Jude Web Shrine.  A simple site with one prayer to Saint Jude.
Prayer to Saint Jude.  A personal web page site with a prayer to St. Jude and a page with many testimonials to the Divine intervention and blessings bestowed by God.
St. Jude Devotion.  Another personal web page that lists a somewhat different Novena to Saint Jude.
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